Journal of Fundamental and Applied Sciences

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A comparative analysis of badminton game instructions effect of non-linear pedagogy and linear pedagogy

S. Nathan, N. Salimin, M.I. Shahril


The recent implementation of TGfU pedagogy among Malaysian schools game curriculum challenging teachers who are comfortable with technical-skill driven Linear Pedagogy (LP). This conundrum led to this quasi experimental pre-post-test design study using n = 56 students aged 13±.23 years old investigated Non Linear Pedagogy (NP) and LP models using badminton curriculum in terms of tactical decision making, recovery movement to base, skill execution of drop shots and smash in badminton doubles game play. Findings, as for tactical decision making, recovery to base, drop shot and smash in doubles game play, ANCOVA and ANOVA statistics indicated significant improved performance via NP compared to LP.
Conclusion, implementing NP in schools would further strengthen TGfU as teachers can adjust tactics, skill tasks to the performer’s abilities and situated learning environment

Keywords: Linear pedagogy, Non-Linear pedagogy, badminton, skill execution, decision
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