Portable devices for delivering imagery and modelling interventions: effects on netball players’ adherence, shooting performance, and self-efficacy

  • T. K. A. Khan
  • T. Morris
  • D. Marchant
Keywords: imagery, video-modelling, portable device, self-efficacy.


The main objective of this study was to investigate the effectiveness of portable devices (MP4) and a stationary device (DVD and fixed point stationary computer) in delivering imagery and modelling training among female netball players, examining the effect on imagery adherence, performance, self-efficacy, and the relative efficacy of presenting imagery instructions once at the start or before each of the video modelling examples. Fifteen participants were randomly assigned into each of the MP4 (initial and repeated instructions) and DVD conditions. Participants (N = 45) completed a measure of self-efficacy for netball shooting and performed a netball-shooting test. Then, they practised imagery for seven days. Finally, they repeated all the measures. The results showed shooting performance of participants in the portable device conditions improved significantly (p < .05) compared to those in the stationary device condition, but there was no significant shooting performance difference between the two portable device conditions. These results indicate that MP4 was a useful portable device to enhance imagery with video modelling training adherence and to improve performance.

Keywords: imagery, video-modelling, portable device, self-efficacy.

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print ISSN: 1112-9867