A green and efficient method for the synthesis of homodimeric (β-dicarbonyl) arylmethanes and dihydropyridine from dimedone in water

  • N Bayou-Khie
  • M Amari
  • M Fodili
  • S.G. Grau
  • P Hoffmann
Keywords: aqueous synthesis, bioactivity, dihydropyridine, dimedone, green method, selective conditions


A direct method has been developed for the synthesis of the dihydropyridine ring system by means of Michael reaction. The reaction of dimedone with 1 .0 equiv. of amines in water provides intermediate product, which allowed dihydropyridine derivatives by intramolecular cyclization in various yields. Of particular interest is the use of the water as solvent of reaction and in absence of catalyst. Also these operating conditions protect the environment and economic points of view.

Keywords: aqueous synthesis; bioactivity; dihydropyridine; dimedone; green method; selective conditions


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1112-9867