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Assessment of household food security and net income of young people in Northern Benin: Baseline study

Mahunan François Assogba
Armel Laurent Laourou
Piet Vroeg


Young people of northern Benin encounter difficulties in meeting their food and nutrition needs due to poverty and low agricultural productivity. The objective of this study was to assess the values of the five International Aid Transparency Initiative indicators (IATI) which are markers of progress and
determine the variation of food security situation in the study population. The results showed that 1,380 young people out of the 3,400 targeted throughout the intervention area have increased access to food (40.6%). In the department of Alibori, the municipality of Banikoara had the highest number of young people with increased access to food (565 young people out of 1,056 targeted) (53.5%). In Atacora, the municipality of Natitingou had the highest food security prevalence rate (64.3%), 285 young people out of 443 targeted, while the lowest rate was observed in the municipality of Tanguiéta (12.3%), 39 young people out of the 317 targeted. Survey data also showed that the average income for all young people
was XOF356,210. A comparative analysis of the income obtained by young people showed that the municipality of Kandi was in the lead (XOF721,295) followed by Natitingou (XOF357,180) and Banikoara (XOF331,490). The municipality of Boukoumbé recorded the lowest level of income (XOF213,250). The average income of women (XOF290,480) was lower than that of men (XOF423,975). The Empowerment Index found that very few women (2%) are empowered. Efforts therefore remain to be made to improve the income and food security of young people in North Benin. Practical application The food security situation of young people in northern Benin has been established. Training and technical support of young people, particularly in agriculture, will enable them to reduce the yield gap, to increase their level of income and improve their food security situation.

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