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Case Study of a Global Simulation in French as a Foreign Language with Beginner Level Learners at the University Of Namibia: A Search for an Authentic Language and Culture Exposure in an African Anglophone Country

A Zannier


In a communicative based approach, the French Foreign Language learning teaching activities offered in classrooms favour exposing learners to authentic communicative situations that are relevant in a French or Francophone “genuine” context. This quest for “reality” or “authenticity” might be challenging in some linguistic environments such as African Anglophone countries where learners do not benefit from many opportunities to practice the foreign language and/or to get accustomed to its culture beyond the classroom. From this perspective, roleplays proved to positively provide learners with efficient communication skills that closely resembled “real” communication contexts. This paper aims at defining the Global Simulation (GS) process and its technicalities. The paper also aims at describing the adaptation from Debyser’s Global Simulation guide, L’Immeuble, to the context of the study: second year level students at the University of Namibia. The impact of applying GS on learners’ needs and expectations will be analysed.

Keywords: Global Simulation, French Foreign Language Didactic, Communicative Approach, African Anglophone Context
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