Excitation of low-frequency electrostatic instability on the auroral field lines due to precipitation electron beam

  • LE Akpabio
  • EG Uwah


Low-Frequency Electrostatic Instability That Is Observed By Both Ground Facilities And Satellites Have Been Studied In The Auroral Acceleration Region Consisting Of Hot Precipitating Electron Beam From The Magnetosphere, Cold Background Electron And Ion Beam Moving Upward Away From The Earth Along The Auroral Field Lines. The Model Distribution For Both The Electron And Ion Are Taken, As Drifting Maxwellians While The Cool Background Electron Is Maxwellian. The Excited Mode And Growth Rate For The Resonant Instability Driven By The Precipitating Electron Beams Are Derived. We Also Discuss The Growth Rate And The Real Frequency Of The Resonant Instability. It Is Also Shown That, The Precipitating Electrons Can Generate Low-Frequency Electric Field Fluctuations (Lefs) Within The Frequency Range 55.4Hz To About 174.7Hz.

Journal of the Nigerian Association of Mathematical Physics Vol. 10 2006: pp. 607-610

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eISSN: 1116-4336