Journal of the Nigerian Association of Mathematical Physics - Vol 10 (2006)

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Table of Contents


Neutrino mass EMAIL FULL TEXT
A Nduka 1-4
New One-Boson-Exchange Potential functions EMAIL FULL TEXT
JO Fiase, F Gbaorun, LK Sharma 5-10
Contribution of oblateness of the sun to radar sounding according to Newtonian mechanics EMAIL FULL TEXT
Y Y Jabil, SX Howusu 11-14
Theoretical model analysis of molecular orientations in liquid protein dielectrics EMAIL FULL TEXT
AA Laogun, NO Ajayi 15-20
Optmizied random phase approximation for the phase diagram of C60 material EMAIL FULL TEXT
F Matthew-Ojelabi, KA Aduloju 21-26
The F-Region Equatorial Ionospheric Electrodynamics Drifts EMAIL FULL TEXT
OS Oyekola, EE Iheonu 27-34
On temperature control of buildings by adobe wall design: Duffin and Knowles' exponential transmission line model revisited EMAIL FULL TEXT
EE Iheonu 35-40
First order normalization in the perturbed restricted three–body problem with variable mass EMAIL FULL TEXT
J Singh 41-46
A 2-dimensional finite element simulation of cooling in castings EMAIL FULL TEXT
JA Akpobi, I A Lawani 47-58
Analysis of Stokes waves theory as a diffusion problem EMAIL FULL TEXT
EO Okeke, BS Oyetunde 59-68
Remarks on thermal explosions in the early evolution of the earth. EMAIL FULL TEXT
RO Ayeni, AO Popoola, OJ Fenuga 69-70
An investigation of groundwater condition in Agbede by Geelectrical resistivity method. EMAIL FULL TEXT
O Egwebe, CO Aigbogun, SO Ifedili 71-76
The application of geophysics in environmental impact assessment: A case study in Jeddo, Delta State, Nigeria EMAIL FULL TEXT
O Egwebe 77-82
Characterization of formations and groundwater potential of Amai and Obiaruku in Delta State using resistivity and seismic refraction measurements EMAIL FULL TEXT
EC Okolie, FU Ugbe, JE Osemeikhian 83-90
Variable order one-step methods for initial value problems I EMAIL FULL TEXT
GC Nwachukwu, FO Otunta 91-96
An application of the maximal independent set algorithm to course allocation EMAIL FULL TEXT
VVN Akwukwuma, KC Ukaoha 97-106
The turning points in the solution of n-queens problem using backtracking method EMAIL FULL TEXT
SC Chiemeke, EO Osaghae 107-114
Software package for analysis of completely randomized block design EMAIL FULL TEXT
OI Ojukwu, JI Mbegbu 115-120
Three algorithms for Egyptian fractions EMAIL FULL TEXT
O Izevbizua, J Osemwenkhae 121-126
Measure synchronization in a coupled Hamiltonian associated with the motion of particles in a periodic potential EMAIL FULL TEXT
UE Vincent, AN Njah, AO Obawole, MT Azeez 127-136
Active control versus recursive backstepping control of a chaotic system
AN Njah
Synchronization of Forced damped Pendulum via Active Control
AN Njah
Some thermodynamic non-Fermi liquid properties of correlated electron systems. (...)CumOn-x
CG Asomba, DU Ugwoke
Plasma heating by non-linear wave-Plasma interaction
EM Echi, A Ojo
On finitely many fixed points
JO Olaleru
Some remarks on certain Bazilevic functions
K O Babalola
On the successive coefficients of certain Univalent functions
KO Babalola
On a differential subordination of some certain subclass of Univalent function
YO Aderinto
On the dynamic Stability of a quadratic-cubic elastic model structure pressurized by a slowly varying load
AM Ette
Asymptotic solution on the dynamic buckling of a column stressed by a dynamically slowly varying load
A M Ette
Dynamic analysis of a Bernoulli-Euler beam via the Laplace transformation technique
M Jiya, YM Aiyesimi, AA Mohammed
The period of relaxation oscillations of a nonlinear system using singular perturbation methods
EE Joshua
On the steady state temperature profiles of biological tissues during microwave heating.
FA Adebile, BN Akintewe
Self-similar solution for coupled thermal electromagnetic model during microwave heating of biological tissues.
EA Adebile, BN Akintewe, OK Olaleye, V Idoko
Impact of electric and magnetic fields in a resistant medium on the velocity of a particle subject to varying path angles
OJ Fenuga, RA Ayeni
Vorticity determination in a hydraulic jump by application of method of characteristics
AE Eyo
Hydrodynamic dispersion of a reactive solute in Electro-Osmotic flow using quadratic polynomials
OT Gideon, YM Aiyesimi
Existence of a secondary flow for a temperature dependent viscous couette flow.
SO Adesanya, OJ Fenuga, OO Otolorin
Fairing NURBS curve by dual parameter optimization
JO Akpobi, UD Egbedi
Perturbed segmented domain collocation Tau-method for the numerical solution of Second Order Boundary Value problems
OA Taiwo, AS Olagunju
Viscous dissipation effects on the flow of a radiating gas between concentric elliptic cylinders
RO Oladele, JA Gbadeyan, OA Taiwo
Radiation effect of magnetohydrodynamic flow of gas between concentric spheres
JA Gbadeyan, AS Idowu
Perturbation analysis on the dynamic buckling of a lightly damped spherical cap modulated by a slowly varying sinusoidal load (1)
AM Ette
On the dynamic buckling of lightly damped cylindrical shells modulated by a periodic load
AM Ette
One Leg hybrid P-stable substitution LMM for oscilatory IVPs in ODEs.
MN Ikhile, MV Ayo
Hessian Spectrum to perturbation factor for gradient method algorithm
JO Omolehin
Jacobian approach to optimal determination of perturbation parameter for gradient method
JO Omolehin, K Rauf, B Opawoye, WB Yahya
Control approach to Queue Theory
JO Omolehin
A family of block methods for special second order initial value problems [I.V.Ps].
VA Aladeselu
Numerical integrators for Stiff and Stiff oscillatory First Order initial value problems
VA Aladeselu
Periodic solutions of periodic differential equations
FAJ Bello
A generalised interpolating post–processing method for integral equation
V U Aihie
On the existence and uniqueness result for a two-step reactive-diffusive equation with variable pre-exponential factor
PO Olanrewaju, RO Ayeni, AO Ajala, O Adebimpe, AO Ajayi
On a Subclass of analytic function
AT Oladipo
Heuristic framework for parallel sorting computations
ED Nwanze, EE Obasohan
A software for the RSA Encription
EE Obasohan, H O Omokaro
Quantum computer gate simulations
AC Dada
Effective utilization of weighting adjustment for the estimates of means in survey non-response
OR Oniyide, DA Agunbiade
Effect of queue discipline on the performance of a queueing system
SA Ojobor, SE Omosigho
A mathematical model for Lassa fever
D Okuonghae, R Okuonghae
Mathematical model for bird flu disease transmission
T T Yusuf, KO Okosun
The effect of stochastic migration on an HIV/AIDS transmission model.
SC Inyama
Qualitative study of Kermack and Mckendrick's epidemic model
SC Inyama
Mathematical models to simulate the East African trypanosomiasis population dynamics.
D Okuonghae, J Osemwenkhae
Thermal neutron counts and derivated charts
O O Odusote, AO Balogun
On the fluctuating filtrate
O O Odusote, O O Odusote
A new poof of multiple solutions of combustions problems
RO Ayeni, AM Okedoye, FO Balogun, FI Alao
On the possibility of multiplicity of temperature fields in a microwave heating cancer therapy
RO Ayeni, AM Okedoye, EA Adebile
Unsteady Magneto-Hydrodynamic (MHD) flow of a uniformly stretched vertical permeable surface I in the presence of heat generation/absorption and a first order chemical reaction.
AM Okedoye, T Adeniran, SO Adewale, RO Ayeni
Biomechanics of the brain; some remarks on Biot\'s equations of consolidation theory with deformation-dependent permeability
RO Ayeni, AW Ogunsola, O O Eweoya
Relative null controllability of linear systems with multiple delays in state and control
RA Umana
Relative controllability of nonlinear systems with multiple delays in state and control
R A Umana
Criteria for exponential asymptotic stability in the large of perturbations of linear systems with unbounded delays.
V A Iheagwam
On the convergence profile of a discretized scheme for a two-dimensional constrained optimal control problem
O Olotu, SA Olorunsola
elative controllability of nonlinear neutral Volterra Integrodiferential systems with delays in control
P C Jackreece
Stability of discrete control systems
CA Nse
Necessity and sufficiency conditions for the absolute null controllability for Linear delay perturbations
CA Nse, RA Umana
Euclidean null controllability of linear systems with delays in state and control
D Iyai
Relative controllability of nonlinear neutral systems with multiple delays in state and control
RA Umana
Relative controllability of nonlinear neutral systems with distributed and multiple lumped delays in control
R A Umana
On compactoid and limited sets in non-Archimedean locally convex spaces
H O Omokaro
The direct product of right zero semigroups and certain groupoids
E E David, AO Aduwale
The derivation of the analytic expressions of the dynamical susceptibility based on the Hubbard-Hirsch Hamiltonian
B E Iyorsor, R Okanigbuan, J o Idiodi
Correlation between perturbation and variation methods in the study of strongly correlated electron systems
RO Okanigbuan, JO Idiodi
Logarithmic perturbation theory: Applications and limitations
GY Ndefru, S Duwa
Streaming instability in a velocity–sheared dusty plasma
S S Duwa
Excitation of low-frequency electrostatic instability on the auroral field lines due to precipitation electron beam
LE Akpabio, EG Uwah
On iterative solution of non-linear equation
O Ogbereyivwe, O Izevbizua

ISSN: 1116-4336
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