Journal of the Nigerian Association of Mathematical Physics

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Influence of viscous dissipation and radiation on MHD Couette flow in a porous Medium

MA Orukari, AT Ngiangia, LJG Frimabo


A study on the influence of viscous dissipation and radiation on magnetohydrodynamic Couette flow in a porous medium was carried out. On the basis of certain simplifying assumptions, the fluid equation of continuity, Navier-Stokes and energy were reduced to mathematical terms, and closed-form analytical solutions of the velocity distribution and energy were obtained on the basis of approximations under the considered parameters. The overall analysis of the study of these parameters in various degrees show an increase in the velocity profile of the fluid, while radiation parameter decreases the temperature profile; viscous dissipation and Reynolds number increase the temperature profile of the fluid.

Key word: Couette flow, viscous dissipation, Magnetohydrodynamics, porous medium.

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