Published: 2013-08-05

On certain isotopic maps of central loops

JO Adeniran, YT Oyebo, D Mohammed

7 - 12

The Effect of Phonon Relaxation Process on Absorption Spectra

MI Babalola, BE Iyorzor, JOA Idiodi

107 - 110

Modelling the Flow of Water in Stratified Layers of Sand

OI Popoola, JA Adegoke, OO Alabi

119 - 130

Petroleum Potentials and Well Log Evaluation from Niger Delta Basin

S Eshimokhai, L Osueni, OE Akhirevbulu

157 – 164

Development of Methods For Determining The Lateral Surface of Tank

R Ehigiator – Irughe, MO Ehigiator

165 – 174

Efficient Order Seven and Eight Rational Integrators

AO Elakhe, USU Aashikpelokhai

273 - 280

Software Process Improvement Using Force Field Analysis

F Egbokhare, F Imouokhome

389 – 394

A Prototype Security Mechanism for Xml Documents and Soap Messages

AE Evwiekpaefe, ME Irhebhude, DA Adedayo

423 – 428

Software Power Metric Model: An Implementation

VN Akwukwuma, EA Onibere

429 – 434

Evaluation and Analysis of Frequency of Transformer Failures

SO Igbinovia, OM Alabi, N Igbinovia

505 -526

Design and Construction of Oil Fired Compact Crucible Furnace

FA Oyawale, AO Odior, TE Aganwonyi

537 – 548

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eISSN: 1116-4336