Modelling of California Bearing Ratio with Unconfined Compressive Strength for Cement Stabilized Laterite Soil

  • SD Iyeke
  • SO Osuji


This work focuses on the development of a model relating the unconfined
compressive strength(UCS) with California bearing ratio (CBR) for soil cement
stabilization. The modeling effort has been to create a platform for reducing time and money in the preliminary stage of cement stabilized laterite using the Box-Cox transformation regression analysis. The trend of data collected for this Box-Cox transformation regression exercise reveals that variations of UCS with CBR for cement stabilized laterite can be represented by a non-linear model.

Keywords: Cement stabilization, laterite soil, unconfined compressive  strength, California bearing ratio, Box-Cox regression analysis.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1116-4336