A pragma-syntactic analysis of slogans on t-shirts

  • Michael Alozie Nwala
Keywords: T-shirts, slogans, themes, multimodal, cloth; communication


The T-shirts and the slogans on them are used to achieve different discourse and communicative themes. The T-shirts help to describe people, events, positions and situations. This article written the confines of the theoretical framework of multimodal discourse analysis and the qualitative design, investigates five different types of T-shirts. The T-shirts and the inscriptions on them as exemplified in the themes of readiness, position and desire, happiness and celebration, and protest are used to describe the wearers, address situations and pass information to the public. The paper therefore concludes that T-shirts and the slogans scripted on them perform different types of illoucutionary actions which cause different forms perlocutionary reactions

Key Words: T-shirts, slogans, themes, multimodal, cloth; communication


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eISSN: 2227-5460
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