Countable or Uncountable? That is the Question — Lexicographic Solutions to Nominal Countability in Learner's Dictionaries for Production Purposes

  • M Xue


Nominal countability is problematic for foreign learners in production-oriented activities, especially for those whose native language does not have the corresponding function systems. In contrast to foreign learners' great difficulties with nominal numbers in foreign text production as shown in extensive linguistic research, there is a scarcity of lexicographic research on assisting foreign learners with their difficulties in this respect. Prompted by the great discrepancy between foreign learners' needs for lexicographic assistance and the relative indifference concerning this in lexicographic research, this study attempts to explore to what extent the lexicographic data in connection with nominal countability and their presentation in present learner's dictionaries can help foreign learners in foreign text production. This study will offer some constructive lexicographic solutions to the problems incurred by foreign learners' misconceptions of nominal countability in foreign text production. Keywords: Chinese Efl Learners, Chinese Learners' Difficulties, Data Accessibility, Data Presentation, Foreign Text Production, Lexicographic Information Needs, Information Retrieval, Learner's Dictionaries, Lexicographic Solutions, Nominal Countability, Profile Of Chinese Learners

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