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Published: 2022-10-14

Age and clinical signs as predictors of COVID-19 symptoms and cycle threshold value

Ismail Dergaa, Muneer Abubakera, Amine Souissi, Abdul Rafi Mohammed, Amit Varmaa, Sarah Musa, Abdullah Al Naama, Bessem Mkaouer, Helmi Ben Saad

Anatomical prognosis after idiopathic macular hole surgery: machine learning based-predection

Hsouna Zgolli, Hamad H k El Zarrug, Moufid Meddeb, Sonya Mabrouk, Nawres Khlifa

Effects of a structured health education on prevention of HIV risky behaviours among adolescents in Nigeria – a pragmatic randomized controlled trial

Ijeoma O. Maduakolam, Ngozi P. Ogbonnaya, Ifeoma F Ndubuisi, Echezona N.D. Ekechukwu, Ijeoma L. Okoronkwoa, Obinna Onwujekwe

Effects of Hatha yoga on cognitive functions in the elderly: a cross-sectional study

Souad Baklouti, Asma Aloui, Hana Baklouti, Nizar Souissi, Mohamed Jarraya

Forty-year Tunisian bibliometrics of general surgery theses in the four national faculties of medicine (1980–2019)

Mohamed Azzaza, Ghofrane Ben Mabrouk, Dhekra Chebil, Sarra Nouira, Sarra Melki, Nihel El Haddad, Ahmed Ben Abdelaziz

Oral health status in individuals with Down syndrome

Roba Elrefadi, Hawwa Beaayou, Khadiga Herwis, Ahmed Musrati

Parents’ concerns and attitudes towards school reopening during COVID-19 pandemic: a cross- sectional survey-Tripoli, Libya, 2021

Mwada Jallul, Mwada Jallul, Nada Elgriw, Farag I. Eltai, Samira M. Al Dwigen, Asma Elfallah, Hajer M. Elgheriani, Wafeya S. Atwear, Mohamed Burid Milad, Inas M. Alhudiri, Adam Elzagheid

Patient safety in medical education: Tunisian students’ attitudes

Olfa Ezzi, Mohamed Mahjoub, Nihel Omri, Asma Ammar, Dorra Loghmari, Souhir Chelly, Abir Mtira, Sana Rhimi, Mansour Njah

Predictors of assertive behaviors among a sample of first-year Tunisian medical students

Dorra Ben Cherif, Bochra Nourhene Saguem, Souad Chelbi, Amel Braham, Selma Ben Nasr, Helmi Ben Saad

Prevalence and associated factors of perinatal depression among working pregnant women: a hospital-based cross-sectional study

Abdallah Jihed, Mohamed Ben Rejeb, Houyem Said Laatiri, Chekib Zedini, Manel Mallouli, Ali Mtiraoui

Prevalence and risk factors of functional gastrointestinal disorders in early period medical students: a pilot study in Tunisia

Syrine Gallas, Hend Knaz, Jaber Methnani, Mariem Maatallah Kanzali, Ahlem Koukane, Mohamed Hedi Bedoui, Imed Latiri

Reversibility of pancreatic β-cells dysfunction after vitamin D and calcium supplementation: a pilot study in a population of obese and prepubescent North-African children

Meriem Gaddas, Imed Latiri, Raoudha Kebaili, Ilhem Kacem, Nesrine Jaballah, Jihene Maatoug, Mohamed Salaani, Lamia Boughammoura, elmi Ben Saad

Saddle versus non-saddle pulmonary embolism: differences in the clinical, echocardiographic, and outcome characteristics

Wanis H. Ibrahim, Shaikha D Al-Shokri, Musa S. Hussein, Antoun Kamel, Lana M Abu Afifeh, Gowri Karuppasamy, Jessiya V. Parambil, Farras M. Elasad, Mohamed S. Abdelghani, Ahmed Abdallah, Mohammed E. Faris

Symptoms at disease onset predict prognosis in COVID-19 disease

Aiyuan Zhou, Qing Song, Yating Peng, Xin Liao, Peng Huang, Wenlong Liu, Zhi Xiang, Qimi Liu, Mingyan Jiang, Xudong Xiang, Dingding Deng, Ping Chen

Variant-specific RT-qPCR for rapid screening of B.1.617 mutations in SARS-CoV-2

Mwada Jallul, Khaled Ibrahim, Ahmed Zaghdani, Ahmed Zaghdani, Mohamed Musbah Abdusalam, Samira M Al Dwigen, Wafya S. Atwair, Mohamed Elbasir, Inas Alhudiri, Salah Edin El Meshri, Adam Elzagheid
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