The Journal welcomes submissions of original manuscripts from researchers anywhere in the world, relating to all topics falling within the fields of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Manuscripts should not normally have previously appeared in print, nor should they have been simultaneously submitted for review to other journals. Double-spaced manuscripts may be submitted at any time and should not exceed 6000 words in length, including a 100-word abstract. Articles must be written in English; quotations of works written in other languages should be given in English with the original in parentheses.

A separate page should contain the article title and the author’s name and address. The author’s name should not appear on the manuscript itself. Since manuscripts are submitted for blind review, all identifying information should be removed from the body of the paper to protect anonymity.

Authors of papers accepted for publication will be required to submit the final version of their papers both in hard copy and on disk. References should follow the following style: Mlacha, S (1996) “Women’s Images in Kiswahili Poetry and Taarab”. In Gender Relations and Womens Images in the Media. Ed. Mbilinyi, D. and Omari, C. Dar es Salaam: Dar es Salaam University Press, pp.207-223.
Ogunleye, Foluke (2004) “21st Century Image of Women: A Womanist Reading of Two Nigerian Plays” in South African Theatre Journal, Vol. 18, pp. 111-133.
Zeleza, Tiyambe (1992) Smouldering Charcoal, London: Heinemann. 

In order to publish with us, please simply send us your essay which should be typed in the Microsoft Word format. It should be double spaced on A4 paper with a maximum of twenty one pages. 

Your essay must have a title or topic, an abstract, an introduction, main essay body with your study details, a summary and conclusion with a pointer suggesting the way forward. The essay must also have your references or works cited or bibliography. Please do original, groundbreaking research and avoid plagiarism.

When you are done with your study, please send it to us as a Microsoft Word attachment in your Email. No hard copies please. 

Our Email address is: LWATIJO@YAHOO.COM.

This journal charges publication fees:
The LWATI Journal charges a fee of Two Hundred and Fifty United States Dollars (US$250) only per accepted essay after peer review for production and mailing costs.
The production includes peer reviews, type settings and the hard copies that are done by the printers and binders.
Additional essay authors pay an extra fee of Fifty United States Dollars (US$50) per extra author to defray the production and mailing costs. We use the DHL, FedEx and UPS couriers for mailing outside Nigeria.

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