Communication and Translation: The Search for an Interface

  • OE Ebong
  • QO Ayeni
  • FP Endong
Keywords: Communication theories, Translation Theories.


This paper focuses on the dependence of translation theories on other disciplines, especially communication. It argues that translation theories cannot be developed in isolation and are bound to borrow from related disciplines such as linguistic, psychology, cultural anthropology and more especially communication. A high degree of compatibility and   complementariness do exist between communication and translation theories. This paper attempts to come up with a double flow model of communication and translation, hinging on this affinity between the two disciplines. The two-flow model the paper proposes is a merging of intralingual communication from the original source to the first receivers (of the source culture) to which the translator either belongs or with which he is versed and interlingual communication from the translator to the second set of receivers – the receivers from the target language culture.

Key Words: Communication theories, Translation Theories.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1813-2227