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An Over-View of Niger Delta Indigenous Religion

G Tasie
R Olumati


This essay is an outline and interpretation of Niger Delta indigenous religion. It examines the structure of the indigenous religion and points out that as heterogeneous and diverse as the people of Niger Delta are, so also is the indigenous religion of the people. Thus, an ethnic group may emphasize a belief system or an element which may be remarkably absent or vaguely conceived in another. However, this study reveals that in spite of these remarkable differences, a centralized structure of rituals and beliefs pervades the whole of Niger Delta indigenous religion. Consequently, the different beliefs and practices profess by various ethnic groups in the Niger Delta are only a divergent expressions of the same basic religion. Thus, in spite of the differences, a centralized structure of beliefs runs the entirety of the Niger Delta to create a homology.

Key Words: Niger Delta; Indigenous; Religion, Nigeria.