Key Issues in the United States-Iranian Relations 1980 – 2012

  • FN Enor
  • TO Ellah
  • OA Otora


In the views of Palmer and Perkins, (2007) “these are times that try men’s souls”. The statement corroborates the America relations with Iran since the mid-1980s, when the United States, Israel and other Western Powers started accusing Iran of Uranium enrichment toward pursuing a nuclear weapons capability, a situation which has resulted in Iran’s isolation and sanctions thereby attempting to prevent the country from becoming an axis of power in the Middle East. This study is an attempt to underscore issues in US-Iranian relations between 1980 -2012. It has unraveled why Tehran might not want to reconcile with the US and how possible strikes on Iran by the US or Israel could lead to greater security challenges in the international system. The study advocates a multi-dimensional cum multilateral approach to deal with Iran’s nuclear issues. Noting that, such approach should take into account both the demand and supply sides of the nuclear proliferation equation.


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eISSN: 1813-2227