Asouzu’s Complementary Ontology as a Foundation for a Viable Ethic of the Environment

  • Oduora Okpokam Asuo
  • Solomon Kingsley
Keywords: Ibuanyidanda, complementary ontology, environmental ethics.


This paper on “Asouzu’s Complementary Ontology as a foundation for a viable Ethic of the Environment”, posits that an ethic of the environment can be seen as viable if it considers the whole of reality as ontologically relevant. This point of view would free environmental ethics of anthropocentric bias and its attendant consequences while at the same time ensuring the protection and preservation of all being and species, not from sympathy, but as members of a holistic picture of reality. This position is inherent in Asouzu’s complementary ontology and Ibuanyidanda philosophy, hence the need to adopt it as a viable foundation for an ethic of the environment. This conclusion is arrived at by a critical analysis of diverse environmental and ethical positions.

Keywords: Ibuanyidanda, complementary ontology, environmental ethics.


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eISSN: 1813-2227