Role of older persons in conflict resolution and development: an analysis of Elechi Amadi’s The Great Ponds

  • Olatubosun Tope Omotayo
  • Gbeminiyi Mujaheed Adegbola
  • Sultan Luqman Osigbesan


Forage into literature has proved the inevitability of conflict within the human society while unresolved conflict leads to chaos and eventually, underdevelopment which is owing to the fact that no meaningful development can take place in a crisis-ridden situation. Hence, the human society has over the last six decades been finding means of conflict resolution so as to forestall chaos and unrest of any kind in the society. This is one of the core reasons for the establishment of international organizations such as United Nations and African Union; all in the effort to promote peace; a necessary constituent of democracy and development. In view of the fact that conflict is unavoidable, it becomes imperative to view concept of conflict and development and their antecedents from the perspective of African culture. Therefore, this paper, using Elechi Amadi’s novel, The Great Ponds, brought to the fore the complexes, dynamics, and consequences of conflict within the society and the role of older persons on issues of conflict resolution, democracy and development within indigenous African society. The paper highlights cultural roles of older persons in enhancement of peace and development within the precinct of African culture.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1813-2227