The making of meaning in Nsibidi visual method of communication in Nigeria: Innovation and development

  • Godwin Ogbu Uka
Keywords: Indigenous, motifs and symbols in design and communication


This paper looks into the need to give the Nsibidi art Culture of Eastern Nigeria an artistic visual design identity based on their traditional and modern visual communication design approach. There is the need therefore to differentiate between traditional and modern visual communication design experience. The exploratory design analysis which is used is based on the concepts ideas and materials for the old and new methods of the Nsibidi culture. It has been analyzed and synthesized into more dynamic indigenous system of visual communication in Nigeria that will enhance the general development of the society. The analyses of signs, symbols, posters and other art works were carried out based on their artistic, aesthetic and functional design mainly as it concern the Nsibidi visual method of communication design in modern time. The research made an attempt to harmonize the traditional and the modern method with a view to developing a new visual communication method based on their culture and technology in recent time. The Nsibidi had a definite operation way of communication. The culture just like their close neighbor could also reduce these sign and symbols into simple code for confidentiality, security, affection and economic transitions among themselves.


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eISSN: 1813-2227