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Nigeria’s foreign policy and Afrocentrism: A critical analysis

Boypa O. Egbe
Rita Ukongzi Ushie


The paper examined the policy of Afrocentrism against the background of its condemnation as not promotion Nigerians national interest. The objective of the investigation was to ascertain the veracity or otherwise, of the claim, and make appropriate recommendation. The work made use of secondary source and the linkage theoretical framework. Findings show that Afrocentrism is still very much relevant in its essentials. However, the abysmally deplorable internal conditions which contradict Nigeria’s gallant external engagement had disappointed both Nigerians and the international community, and cast aspersion on her foreign policy, generally. The neglect of the domestic environment, which formed the basis for assessment of Nigeria’s foreign policy, had projected the country as a bad influence on the continent. The resultant credibility gap is at the root of the disrespect and disdain with which Nigeria is treated. It was concluded that the challenges of the domestic environment must be addressed to give effect and credibility to Afrocentrism. Hence, the recommendation, amongst other options, the reform of the Nigerian State.

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