Some critical issues in special needs education as they relate to visual impairment in Nigeria

  • CA Andzayi
  • SM Yakwal


The study examines five critical issues in special education as they relate to visual impairment vis a vis mercy killing (euthanasia), gender, seclusion, castration and genetic engineering. Literature in the five stated issues was reviewed to provide an insight into these areas with particular reference to visual impairment. A sampled group of graduates some of who are post graduate students in special education (visual handicaps) numbering 30 participated in the study. Their opinions on the five critical issues were gathered using a ten-item researcher constructed questionnaire and analysed by simple percentage. One of the major findings was that respondents were generally not too familiar with four of the five issues in special education as they relate to visual impairment and therefore are not contending issues. However, one of the critical issues (seclusion) was deemed to be a relevant issue in this respect. It was therefore suggested that interventions should be carried out through public education and increased advocacy as well as inclusion of such topics in the courses taught during the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in special education.

Lwati: A Journal of Contemporary Research Vol. 3 () 2006: pp.1-12

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eISSN: 1813-2227