Education: Entrepreneurship Education and Community Outreach at the University of Botswana

  • L Mafela


This article is based on a study to assess and evaluate the benefits of the University of Botswana Business Clinic to students, and the outcome of its community outreach to the prospective and new enterprise owners. The business education programme at the
University of Botswana incorporates a business clinic, through which students undertake a range of activities, where they are able to acquire skills while providing support to aspiring and new enterprise owners. As in other business education programmes elsewhere, the programme infuses entrepreneurship through incorporation of experiential learning and carefully arranged student placement in industries and workplaces, where students are able to put business theory into practice, alongside regular classroom activities. These placements also enhance the relevance of the business education to the particular socioeconomic context. In this way, entrepreneurship education forms a critical component of entrepreneurship development. It signals a move away from the traditional business education programmes, and incorporates a variety of learning activities and experiences, which reflect the spirit and principle of entrepreneurship (Solomon, Duffy et al 2002; Wilson et al 2003).

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eISSN: 1813-2227