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An Assessment of the Speed Reading Ability of Sandwich Students in the Faculty of Education at the University of Lagos, Nigeria: Implications for Teaching Rapid Reading Skills in Secondary Schools

NR Ikonta


The paper discusses the concept and usefulness of rapid reading. It also reports a study in which the Faculty of Education, University of Lagos, Nigeria Sandwich students formed the subjects. Their pre-training reading speed and comprehension scores were determined through a pre-test, after which they were subjected to a series of practice sessions on speed reading and comprehension for six weeks. At the end of the study, their post-test scores on reading speed and comprehension showed a significant improvement over their pre-training scores. It was then suggested that all teachers in training should be exposed to such reading activities so that they will be able to develop the rapid reading skills of their students at the secondary school level and thereby build a strong foundation for reading, necessary in all subjects.

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