An Evaluation of the Linguistic Correlate in Nigeria’s Developmental Strategies

  • K Ashipu
Keywords: Endolects, Exolects, Developmental Strategies, Language-driven Audit..


Regrettably, language and communication are hardly accorded more than perfunctory mention when policy markers formulate policies intended to uplift standards in Nigeria. The paper attempts to sensitize policy markers and implementers to have a rethink about the position of language in the national development policies. Moving away from the traditional argument of whether endolects or exolects present better opportunities for social development, the paper argues that both are useful, as they have distinctive roles, and sometimes complimentary. The paper attempts to show how language and communication factors are implicated in the realization of the 7- point agenda and the vision 2020 programme of the Federal Government. The paper is therefore, a language-driven audit of the management of the key domains of education, healthcare and information, as they propel national development. A schema of linguistic desiderata for improvement of these domains will then be proposed.

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eISSN: 1813-2227