Redefinition of the Position of Women in Osonye Tess Onwueme's Play "the Reign of Wazobia"

  • GE Worugji


Tess Onwueme is a Nigerian female playwright who is devoted to changing the position of women in her society, as her plays depicts. The Reign of Wazobia is one of such plays. The play portrays the story of women around a female character ‘Wazobia’ who rebels against the customs of her people. She articulates concern over the undignified position of women in her society; a situation which most modern female scholars view as an act of injustice meted to women in most African societies. The female protagonist “Wazobia” in the play informs the basis of our analysis. She is endowed with certain character traits that do not only portray her as deviant or non conformist in this male dominated society, but also, as a voice to the voiceless in such societies. At the end of the play, even the traditional ridden female characters, became conscious of their low status in the society and joins in the crusade against all forms of discriminations experienced by women in the society. This paper argues for the need to educate and to recognize the presence, strength and the contributions of women in societal growth. This is necessary if the women must be free to participate in nation building, beginning from the rural level; this is because, a recognition of the women’s ability is a panacea for a positive development in any society and as popularly known, two different heads are better than two of the same kind and teamwork doubles the success.



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