The Indispensability of African Religion to the Culture of Bolo People in Rivers State

  • Dokiye Oforibika


African Religion (AFREL) by nature is very pervasive and permeates all spheres of life. Culture is also seen as way of life of a people. Both institutions interrelate and in Bolo it is seen that from the pre-modern time to the modern times, AFREL of the people is indispensable to their cultural practices. This is seen through the roles played by spiritual forces like_ Tamunoba – Feminine idea of the Supreme Being in the pre-modern time to Tamuno – masculine idea now. The divinities –Oru, Ancestors - Duein feature prominently in cultural acts like masquerade displays- Owuti, wresting- Mgbaso, Kabokon –story telling, Seniapu Osi- respect for elders, initation to womanhood, Iria Ceremony and marriage –Ere Sime. In all these rites, invocations, incantations and pouring of libations are done. Several factors like Christianity, Western Education and culture and science and technology bring about changes, adaptations in cultural practices in the modern times, while certain aspects are still stable. There should be conscious efforts to revive the African cultural acts in Bolo and AFREL practices that are seen as benevolent should be engendered. Truth, honesty, youth and adults socialization into the cultural milieu of Bolo should be engendered.

LWATI: A Journal of Contemporary Research, 8(2), 244-253, 2011

Author Biography

Dokiye Oforibika
Department of Religious and Cultural Studies, Faculty of Humanities, Rivers State Univeristy of Education, Nigeria

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eISSN: 1813-2227