University Lecturers’ Professional Empowerment and Turnover in Uganda

  • L Ddungu
Keywords: Academic staff, Retention, Human Resources Management


Many universities in Uganda are grappling with the challenge of academic staff turnover. While research conducted so far has established different
factors explaining the problems of turnover, many of which have been addressed, this challenge has not been resolved. Hitherto, attention has not been paid to whether professional empowerment of the lecturers explains this phenomenon and whether it can help to curb it. Therefore, this study was conducted to analyse the level of professional empowerment provided to the lecturers and the way it relates to their turnover. Data was collected from 384 lecturers using a structured questionnaire, and analysed using the descriptive, Chi Square, correlation, and regression techniques. The findings were that the level of professional empowerment is low and that this has contributed to the lecturers’ turnover. Hence, the paper urges university managers to promote the lecturers’ professional empowerment.

Keywords: Academic staff; Retention; Human Resources Management.


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eISSN: 2707-6113
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