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Educational investment returns for women and men at higher education in Uganda

A Niringiye


This study set out to estimate the rate of returns to educational investment for females and males at higher education in Uganda. The study utilised the most commonly used model , that is, the semi-logarithmic Mincerian(1974) earnings function to estimate the impact of gender, educational attainment, and experience, on the rate of returns to educational investment. Findings indicate that the overall rate of returns to educational investment per year for diploma and degree holders is 29.9 per cent for females and 50.7 per cent for males. A close scrutiny of the data shows no evidence of wage discrimination in pay, instead, the data shows that most females specialise in less paying professions compared to males. To close this gender gap in the rate of returns, there is need to increase the enrolment of females in the high rewarding courses.

Makerere Journal of Higher Education Vol. 1, 2004: 164-171

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eISSN: 2707-6113
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