The Nigerian Journal of General Practice is the Official Publication of the Association of General and Private Medical Practitioners of Nigeria [AGPMPN] and a forum for family private/general practice medicine education and research.

The Nigerian Journal of General Practice invites scholarly manuscripts relevant to the broad discipline of family/private/general practice medicine education .Selection is done by anonymous peer view and emphasis is on originality, scientific content and relevance to discipline. Articles published under the Journal are considered under three general categories.

Original Research: This includes manuscripts reporting research of a clinical, experimental and epidemiological nature .Manuscripts should show evidence of appropriate literature review and placement of new or innovative programs in the larger context of family/private/general medicine.

Theme Articles: Special commissioned articles are designed for descriptive or scholarly discussions of a topic of relevance to family/private/general medicine.

Clinical Practice: In addition, the Nigerian Journal of General Practice solicits items of opinion , comment explanation , queries , or matters of interest for publication under this column.

Manuscripts: Manuscripts for consideration should not have been published or submitted for publication in any other journal, nor should they have been published by the author[s] in a different form elsewhere. A statement signed by the author attesting to originality and lack of duplication in content or explaining the significance of new data, must accompany each manuscript.

Manuscripts should be clear, succinct, well documented and conform to, “Uniform Requirement”, for Manuscripts submitted to Biomedical Journals, which can be found in JAMA.I997;277:927-927 or URL ;http;// In addition, manuscripts must reflect writing proficiency and correct usage of syntax, grammar, spelling and symbols to assure to transmission of accurate information.

All manuscripts must be typed double-spaced and three copies submitted though a single copy is sufficient for the clinical practice column. “Original Research” and “Theme Articles” manuscripts normally should not exceed 2500 words, including an abstract of less than I50 words.

A “Case Report” should be limited to I000 words and include a brief abstract .Table for

“Case Report” should be limited to two and references to no more than five.

In addition to sectional heading “Introduction”, “Methods”, “Results” etc.-subheads of one or two words may be appropriate elsewhere in the articles, but long subheadings and outline formats should not be used. Tables and Figures are intended to clarify and supplement, not duplicate the text. Tables must be self-explanatory and concise. Figures charts and graph must be in high quality, reproducible form and legible when reduced to column size .Each table and figure should be on a separate page.

Article title should be limited to 75 letters, and should be specific and amenable to indexing. Author should be listed on a separate page with highest attained academic degree and the principal job title and major affiliation of author. References should be numbered in order in which they appear in the text and listed on a separate sheet. References must in the Vancouver style. Abstracts should be structured with the following items; setting, objectives, design, results and conclusion.


Number references in order of appearance in text. Identify a reference number in text, tables or legends by Arabic numerals in parentheses.

Example of Correct Forms of References

Journal Articles

Example Solanke T.F, Ayeni O, Osanyitaye S.O. Effect of a mixture of red pepper (Capasicum Freutescens) and Amino acid on gastric acid secretion, Nig, Med J.I976,6,23-25

Authors of Book

Give (a) surname and initial of all authors. (b) Title of book (c) Edition (except if first),(d) City,(e) Publisher,(f)Year and (g) Page.

Example; Dosumu E.A, Tuberculosis. Ilorin University Press 2002;70-75

Author (s) of a chapter in a Book

Give (a) Surname and initials of ALL of the authors of the particular chapter,

(b) Title of chapter,

(c) Editor(s) of the book,

(d) Title of book,

(e) Editions (except if first),

(f) City,

(g) Publisher,

(h) Year and

(I) Pages.

Example Majekodunmi A.A. Ocular Emergency Surgery, 2nd edition, Lagos, University of Lagos Press; I99I;30-50

Authors should verify references sited against the original documents. Journal abbreviations should be as in the list in index Medicus.

A short acknowledgment will be published of the person(s) or institution(s) acknowledged.

Send manuscripts to:

The Editor

Nigerian Journal of General Practice

Association of General and Private Medical Practitioners of Nigeria,

11 Adeyemi College Road, Box 1378, Ondo, Ondo State

Tel: 0803 466 2996, 0805 433 0258




Authors are responsible for statements made in their works.

When necessary, according to law, copyright clearances must accompany manuscripts with the exception of materials from other publications of the author.

Assignment of copyright is required. All articles chosen for publication will be copyright of the Nigerian Journal of General Practice and become the property of the AGPMPN.

Manuscripts are subject to editorial revision by the Nigerian Journal of General Practice. Those considered worthy of publication but requiring changes or condensation will be returned to the author(s) for revision. Authors are required to send softcopy (in CD-ROM medium) along with their manuscripts. None submission of diskettes will lead to delay in publication of such articles, figures however should be sent in hard copies.

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