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Evaluation of Feeding Practice and the Use of Home-made and Food-based fluids during diarrhea episodes by mothers in Benin-City

WO Osarogiagbon, NJ Iduoriyekemwen


Background: Oral Rehydration Therapy, which includes the use of home-made, food-based fluids helps to prevent diarrhoeal dehydration. Information on the knowledge of the use of these home-made food-based fluids appears scanty, hence the need to evaluate the current status of maternal knowledge on the use of these fluids during diarrhoeal episodes.

Methods: This cross-sectional study was carried out in two major hospitals in Benin City, Edo State. Subjects were mothers of children presenting with diarrhoea.

Results: Out of the 104 mothers, only 47(45.2%) said the child should be fed frequently during episodes of diarrhoea. Only 7(6.7%) mothers agreed that garri water could be used. Nine (8.7%) and 6(5.8%) mothers agreed that green coconut water and boiled rice water could be used respectively.

Conclusion: Majority of the mothers had no knowledge of the use of home-made fluids during diarrhoeal episodes in children. This is a dangerous trend which may worsen diarrhoea mortality.

Key words: Diarrhoea, home-made food-based fluids, feeding practice.

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