The use of opto-digital microscope for analysis Of the PFA-based abrasive tools with surface micro-discontinuities

  • W Kapłonek
  • K Nadolny
  • S Hloch
Keywords: Opto-digital microscopy, Pink Infused Alumina, Grinding wheel, Surface micro-discontiniuities


This paper presents the results of study using a modern opto-digital microscopis technique to observe, measure and analyses the active surface of ceramic grinding wheels made from pink fused alumina grains with a technical designation 1-35×20×10-CrA/F80J7V. The grinding wheels used in the experiments had special active surface micro-discontinuities in a form of grooves from 0.5 to 1.5 mm deep, shaped deliberately using abrasive water-jet technology. The measurements of these characteristic elements were made using an advanced opto-digital microscope DSX500 by Olympus, equipped with the dedicated software STREAM Motion Desktop 1.8. This equipment made it possible to perform basic geometric analyses of the acquired grinding wheel surface images. They were carried out particularly in relation to some of the characteristic elements of structure of the grinding wheel such as micro-discontinuities, PFA abrasive grains, free intergranular spaces. Positive results from these tests confirmed the possible application of this microscopic technique within broadly defined diagnostics of abrasive tools.

Keywords: Opto-digital microscopy, Pink Infused Alumina, Grinding wheel, Surface micro-discontiniuities


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eISSN: 2467-8821
print ISSN: 0331-8443