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Development and Testing of Infrared Water Current Meter

GI Ezenne
CC Mbajiorgu


Continuous monitoring of the river flow is essential for assessing water availability. River flow velocity is crucial to simulate discharge hydrographs of water in the hydrological system.This study developed a digital water current meter with infrared. The infrared current meter was tested using Ebonyi River at Obollo-Etiti and the test was performed at three different verticals (A, B, & C) across the watercourse of Ebonyi River. At each location, the velocity readings were taken at the 0.6 of the depth below the surface. The total depth of water at locations A, B, and C are 0.35m, 0.4m and 0.54m respectively. The digital water current meter with infrared display velocity readings obtained per second. To confirm the accuracy of the infrared current meter, it was tested alongside with a conventional water current meter. The measurements performed with the infrared current meter compared well with the measurement performed with conventional current meters. The linear regression equation for the measurements obtained using the two current meters was obtained.