Output Enhancement in the Transfer-Field Machine Using Rotor Circuit Induced Currents

  • LA Agu
Keywords: transfer-field machine


The output of a plain transfer-field machine would be much less than that of a conventional machine of comparable size and dimensions. The use of short-circuited rotor windings, it is shown, would lead, under certain circumstances, to considerable improvement in its performance. The rotor windings not only give rise to an increase in the induced emf but also augment output by effectively lowering the synchronous reactance of the output winding. The rotor circuit current can be increased by connecting it to a synchronous condenser load, and thereby further increase both the emf and the synchronous reactance thus leading to a higher output and greater synchronous stability. The same effects have their parallel for the asynchronous mode of operation.

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eISSN: 2467-8821
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