A Novel Strategy for Raising the Unit Output of Large Synchronous Machines

  • LU Anih
  • LA Agu
Keywords: Xd/Xq ratio, modified q-axis reactance Xq mmf, permeance and flux density distributions, transposed auxiliary windings


In power systems, the major source of electrical energy is the synchronous generator. However, the increase in the unit size of the conventional synchronous generator has not kept pace with the corresponding increase in the unit output of prime movers driving them, and the demand for electrical energy keeps growing. To this end, a novel strategy for increasing the unit output of synchronous generator is proposed in this paper. The scheme uses circuit theory concepts and composite rotor magnetic structure to amplify Xd/Xq ratio on which the reluctance output power depends without altering the physical geometry of the machine. The analysis of the machine is based on airgap flux density distributions and flux linkages.
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eISSN: 2467-8821
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