The Optimum Value Index in the Yield of Carbon Through Continuous Increase of Pressure in the Pyrolysis of Pitch-Derived Carbon-Carbon Composite

  • SO Edelugo
Keywords: Pyrolysis-of-pitch, pitch-derived-carbon-carbon-composite, Optimum-value-pressure-index


In this work, a brief summary of the production of pitch from coal tar and petroleum residues has been presented. The increased yield of carbon through increase in pressure during pyrolysis of pitch has also been analyzed. Results show there is a limit to the increase in carbon yield of pitch as pressure is increased. This limit or optimum value of pressure is found to correspond to 95.6% yield of carbon. Experiments reveal that any further increase in pressure beyond this value would result in (i) Energy waste from pressure increase (ii) Counter production effect whereby carbon yield is brought down to as low as 91.5% instead.

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