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Safety of Premature Loading on Reinforced Concrete Slabs

MA Shema, OS Abejide


The provision of safe structural systems has always been the object of any structural design formulation and practice. This paper investigates the safety of premature loading on reinforced concrete slabs in a more rational manner. The slab was designed to BS8110 (1985; 1997) provisions. The moment of resistance of a prematurely loaded slab was simulated and safety indices corresponding to the probability of failure of the slab were determined. From results obtained, it was observed that a reinforced concrete slab may be safely loaded prematurely if it has attained at least two-thirds of its characteristic strength. The reliability indices of a prematurely loaded reinforced concrete slab in flexure are directly proportional to the characteristic strength of concrete. Therefore in practice, due consideration must be given to early-age strength development in reinforced concrete slabs before loading.

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