Image Processing and Features Extraction of Fingerprint Images

  • ON Iloanusi
  • CC Osuagwu
Keywords: Fingerprint, image processing, features extraction, minutiae, segmentation, alignment, binarization, thinning, filtering, intraclass variation, interclass variation, FVC2000.


Several fingerprint matching algorithms have been developed for minutiae or template matching of fingerprint templates. The efficiency of these fingerprint matching algorithms depends on the success of the image processing and features extraction steps employed. Fingerprint image processing and analysis is hence an essential step to the efficient matching and classification of fingerprint features. To demonstrate the importance of the image processing of fingerprint images prior to image enrolment or comparison, the set of fingerprint images in databases (a) and (b) of the FVC (Fingerprint Verification Competition) 2000 database were analyzed using a features extraction algorithm. This paper presents the results of the features extraction of the datasets of the FVC 2000 database. It also discusses the limitations of the FVC database and recommends what can be done to improve proprietary databases.
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