Probabilistic Approach to Structural Appraisal of a Building During Construction

  • S Sule
Keywords: Probabilistic model, Uncertainities, Reliability, Safety index, Schmidt hammer


Probabilistic assessment methods are very attractive as they allow a systematic treatment of uncertainties.  In this paper, probabilistic models are formulated to predict the reliability of concrete in a structure under construction, a case study of Laboratory Block for College of Continuing Education, University of Port Harcourt, Rivers State.  The safety of the structure is predicted based on the safety index obtained from the probabilistic model.  The design strength of concrete in the structure (grade of concrete) is obtained from schmidt hammer test.  The concrete in the structure gave a safety index value of 2.83 which is less than the target reliability index value of 3.7 for  concrete for safety class 1 BKR[1] and less than the target reliability index of 4.5 for slabs, 4.9 for beams in flexure, 3.6 for beams in shear and 3.9 for columns under dead and live-load combination[2] proving that the structure is not safe and is prone to risk of serious injury to persons and damage to properties.

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