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Neural Network Based Load Frequency Control for Restructuring Power Industry

B Ogbonna, SN Ndubisi


In this study, an artificial neural network (ANN) application of load frequency control (LFC) of a Multi-Area power system by using a neural network controller is presented. The comparison between a conventional Proportional  Integral (PI) controller and the proposed artificial neural networks controller is showed that the proposed controller can generate an improved dynamic response for a step load change. The same technique is then applied to control a system compose of two single units tied together though a power line. Electric load variations can happen independently in both units. Both neural controllers are trained with the back propagation-through-time algorithm. Use of a neural network to model the dynamic system is avoided by introducing the Jacobian matrices of the system in the back propagation chain used in controller training. For this application, MATLAB-Simulink software is used.

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