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Quantification of Rain Induced Artifacts on Digital Satellite Television Reception

OO Obiyemi, TS Ibiyemi, TH Ogunbeku, AY Abdulrahman, MK Abdulmajeed


The presence of artifacts on the high definition television (TV) content and the eventual loss of the digital TV signals to rain is still a major concern to satellite operators, digital satellite television (DSTV) and terrestrial television content providers. In this paper, the artifacts present in a typical DSTV signal is examined on a practical direct-to-home (DTH) link at Osun State University, Osogbo, Nigeria (7.77°N, 4.60°E), received via EUTELSAT W4/W7 at 12.245 GHz. The degrading effect is assessed using a subjective experimental approach, which is based on the quantification of the artifacts ruining user’s Quality of Experience (QoE) during rainfall events. Results indicate that the thunderstorm rainfall is accountable for the impairment, while pixilation was observed as a dominant artifact appearing before the loss and shortly at the recovery of the DSTV signal.
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