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Application of SSSC to the 330kV Nigerian transmission network for voltage control

G.A. Adepoju
M.A. Sanusi
M.A. Tijani


Longitudinal power systems of Nigerian 330 kV transmission network have steady-state problems of congestion, voltage limit violation and high active power loss. Static Synchronous Series Compensator (SSSC) currently in use for solving problems in mesh power systems has not been applied to Nigerian 330 kV power network. This work involves the use of SSSC for solving problems associated with Nigerian 330 kV longitudinal power network using voltage magnitude as performance metrics. Steady state modeling of power system and SSSC modeling produced two sets of non-linear algebraic equations that were solved simultaneously using Newton-Raphson algorithm (NR) method and was implemented using MATLAB. Results of power flow analysis of Nigerian 330 kV transmission network without SSSC showed that, there was voltage limit violation of ±10% at bus 16 Gombe (0.8973p.u). However, the results with incorporation of SSSC showed that, the SSSC was effective in eliminating voltage limit violation, control bus voltage magnitude to specified value (bus 14 from 0.9462p.u. to 1.00p.u.) and reduced network active power loss by more than 5% of base case (93.87 MW). Therefore, SSSC is effective in solving steady-state problems of longitudinal power systems.

Keywords: Longitudinal, Mesh, Newton-Raphson, SSSC modeling

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eISSN: 2467-8821
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