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Busy hour traffic congestion analysis in mobile macrocells

A Ozovehe
O.U. Okereke
E.C. Anene
A.U. Usman


Traffic congestion during busy hour (BH) deteriorates the overall performance of cellular network and may become unmanageable unless effective and efficient methods of congestion control are developed through real live traffic data measurement and analysis. In this work, real live traffic data from integrated GSM/GPRS network was used for traffic congestion analysis. The analysis was carried out on 10 congesting cells using network management system (NMS) statistics data span for three years period. Correlation test showed that traffic channel (TCH) congestion depend only on call setup success rate (CSSR) and BH traffic at cell level. An average correlation coefficient value of 0.9 was observed between TCH congestion and CSSR while 0.6 was observed between TCH congestion and BH traffic. The correlation test is important when selecting input for congestion prediction modeling.

Keywords: traffic congestion; correlation coefficient; macrocells and key performance indicator

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eISSN: 2467-8821
print ISSN: 0331-8443