Assessment of Noise Generated By Operations within the Gunduwawa Quarry in Kano State, Nigeria

  • DB Adiea
  • JA Otun
  • CA Okuofu
  • A Nasiru
Keywords: buildings, cracks, decibel, environment and noise


Noise levels in a well known quarry located in Gunduwawa village in Gezawa Local GovernmentArea of Kano State was studied on both working days and non-working days to ascertain theambient noise levels. Specialized Integrating Average Sound Level Meter was used for the mea-surement. The impact of noise through the action of vibration was conducted to ascertain theintegrity of structures 300 m and 600 m respectively away from the quarry site. Results obtainedshowed that the average morning, afternoon and evening noise levels on Sundays, a typical restday were 37.83, 45.5 and 41.5 dB(A) respectively. While the corresponding values for successivesix working days were 96, 101.4 and 83.6 dB(A) respectively. At break time during the workingdays the noise level had an average value of 87.16 dB(A). The structural integrity of buildingsrecorded values ranging from 8 to 36 KPa. The ones with high values were constructed by theconstruction companies with concrete and sandcrete blocks with good foundation. On the otherhand, the local buildings werebuilt with mud and without good foundations. They were found to begenerally weak and had cracked, with vey low lifespan. It was concluded that the villagers livingwithin 600m from the quarry site were exposed to excessive and uninterrupted noise which hasadverse eect on their health conditions.

Keywords: buildings, cracks, decibel, environment and noise


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