The African Surgery and Specialities Review has as ambition to become a sub-regional, regional and even international journal, publishing original articles, clarifications, clinical facts and technical notes related to surgery, surgical specialities and anaesthesia-reanimation. It also publishes summary abstracts presented at the congress of the Cameroon Association of Surgeons and any other African Surgical Society dealing with surgery or surgical speciality which provides sponsorship and submits its proceedings for publication in the review.

They should be solely in electronic form, accompanied with a letter of submission signed by at least the first three authors. The letter shall clearly stipulate that the typescript is neither submitted for publication, nor should be published in another scientific journal and that in case it is finally accepted, all the author’s rights shall be entirely paid to The African Surgery and Specialities Review.

The letter and typescript should be sent as two separate files to the following email address: The files can be saved on a USB flash and posted to the secretariat of the journal using the following address:
Secretariat of the Department of
Surgery and Specialties, Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences of the University of Yaounde l, PO. Box 1326. 

The typescript shall be printed using the Times New Roman character, with font size 12 in Microsoft Word. It should respect the following norms: - 15 numbered pages maximum (including tables, diagrams and bibliography); - 100 characters maximum for the title and 2500 for the text; - Not more than 3 tables and 5 diagrams; - Maximum of 25 references for original articles clarifications, and 5 for clinical cases, technical notes and letters to the editor. 

The cover page should comprise the following from top to bottom: - the title ; - key-words; - initials and the last name of each author followed by his function and his present institution, postal address, telephone number and e-mail of the corresponding author. 

The abstracts in French and English should be written on the second and third pages respectively. 

The text proper begins on page 4 and follows the classical IMRED plan (Introduction, Methods, results and Discussion) for original articles. As concerns clinical facts and technical notes, the introduction, case history and discussion may suffice. 

The letters to the editor should not be more than 500 words or contain more than 5 bibliographical references. 

The tables should be drawn using the «table» menu of the Word programme; they should be accompanied by comments and numbered using Roman numerals on top of the page. 

Diagrams should be followed by legends and numbered using Arabic numerals at the bottom of the page. Each table and diagram shall figure on a separate page. 

Bibliographical references should be arranged at the end of the text, on a separate page, in alphabetical order using the names of the first authors and for the same author in decreasing chronological order; the style and abbreviations of journals should conform to the Medicus Index (Medline).
In the text, authors are cited in square brackets. 

Units of measurement should be those of the international system. Abbreviations are forbidden in the title and abstracts. In the text, they should be limited as much as possible and preceded, during its first use, by the full expression, except in the case of standard units of measurement.

Decision procedure: 
The typescripts received are rendered anonymous and sent to at least two reviewers selected among members of the Editorial Committee or any other scientific personality recognized for his expertise in the area concerned. 
Each reviewer has to decide within 4 to 8 weeks, whether the article submitted is publishable as it is, pending minor or major corrections, or is simply unpublishable. Any typescript that is declared unpublishable by at least two experts shall be returned via electronic mail to the corresponding author with the two anonymous reports bearing the mention «rejected». In case of a disapproval by one reviewer, a third reviewer’s opinion will be requested. In the other cases, the necessary corrections are sent by e-mail to the correspondent and the publication scheduled for the week following the receipt of the corrected text.

Publication Fee: 

If the paper is accepted for publication, author(s) will be asked to pay 100,000 CFA francs as article publication charges to defray the operating costs. Waiver policy is not applicable. Author(s) will be entitled to one copy of the printed journal with free of charge i.e. one printed copy is provided against one article disregarding the number of the authors. Authors can also get additional copies of the printed journal by paying 50,000 CFA for each additional copy. 

Preferred mode of Payment is to pay via - 
Western Union, MoneyGramm, XpressMoney, Ria, IME. 
Payment procedure will be notified to the author through e-mail after the successful review process.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1997-3756
print ISSN: 1997-3756