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The effect of life-design-based counselling on high school learners from resourceconstrained communities

Che Jude
Jacobus Gideon Maree


In the study reported on here we explored the influence of life-design counselling intervention on high school learners with career  indecision who hail from resource-poor contexts in rural South Africa. Purposeful sampling was used to select 17 participants from a  resource-constrained area. A mixed-methods group-based intervention embedded in social constructionism was used to address the  research questions. The qualitative outcomes for the 17 participants who constituted the intervention group are reported in this article.  Data were generated using life-design-based intervention strategies and qualitative (postmodern) techniques. The intervention  enhanced the facets of career adaptability of participants and improved their ability to make career decisions. The results show that  participants benefited in planning their future and preparing to leave school. The value of the intervention described in this article can be  confirmed in longitudinal research with larger samples of diverse participants and contexts as well as different design and assessment  measures. 

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eISSN: 2076-3433
print ISSN: 0256-0100