South African Journal of Higher Education

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Re-thinking gender (in)equality within the South African academic profession

LG Higgs, P Higgs, CC Wolhuter


The issue of gender (in)equality in the South African society has featured prominently in the recent past. In this article the researchers attempt to determine the extent of gender (in)equality in the South African academic profession, by means of gender responses to five work-related aspects of the academic profession. These five aspects are job satisfaction, community service, international activities, relations with institutional governance, and views on the role of higher education in society. Gender responses to these work-related aspects of the academy in South Africa, indicate that the problem of gender inequality that had traditionally characterised the South African academic profession, seems now to have been adequately addressed This signals the successful implementation of post-1994 education policy directed at the promotion of gender equality in education generally, including the South African academic profession.

SAJHE Vol.18(1) 2004: 273-289
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