South African Journal of Higher Education

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Data analysis and the technological turn: contrasting attitudes and discourses in e-learning

M Madiba


This article reports on how computer software (NVIVO) was used to analyse data for a research project on design issues in e-learning. The aim of the project was to study how South African higher education has incorporated new e-learning in the delivery of programmes. The study began by exploring the emerging patterns of the use of e-learning in South African higher education. A further step was to investigate pedagogical design considerations that are necessary for successful teaching and learning when new learning technologies are employed. The insights gathered were used to develop a framework that can be used as a tool to think and work with when courses to be delivered through these technologies are delivered. The data being analyzed is composed of website data that was used in a preliminary study to the bigger project, as well as the interviews that were collected as the project progressed.

J South African Journal of Higher Education Vol. 21 (7) 2008: pp. 882-892
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