South African Journal of Higher Education

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Teacher training in South Africa: The integrated model as viable option

HJ Steyn, E Mentz


This article contributes to the debate regarding the preferred model for teacher education to provide for teacher shortages. The models commonly referred to are the consecutive model, the integrated model and the concurrent model for teacher training. The aim of this article is to determine if the integrated model for teacher education is an effective, attainable and sustainable model for teacher education. It was indicated that the integrated model for teacher education puts forward a single aim for the entire four-year period of study and secures a unity of purpose between the scientific basis of subject knowledge, teaching methodology, pedagogy and repeated practice in schools. The integrated model is in line with other professional teachers\' qualifications as well as other professional qualifications and enables specialisation in school subjects. In terms of attainability and sustainability it was explained that the integrated model is regarded as the preferred model by students to such a level that sufficient numbers of enrolments are available to ensure a financially viable operation.

South African Journal of Higher Education Vol. 22 (3) 2008: pp. 672-691
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