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Knowledge and attitudes of pregnant women towards anaesthetic techniques for caesarean delivery in a North Central Teaching Hospital

M.B. Adegboye, Z.A. Suleiman, A.S. Adeniran


As caesarean deliveries increase globally, more women will be exposed to anaesthesia as part of the surgical procedures. Evaluation of the knowledge and attitudes of parturient will guide patient education and counselling and may improve overall satisfaction with caesarean delivery.

 This was a cross sectional study involving parturient aged 21-47 years scheduled for elective caesarean delivery at the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital, Ilorin, Nigeria. Sampling method was purposive, informed consent was obtained from all participants and data collection was through an interviewer-administered questionnaire. Data analysis was by SPSS version 20.0 and p<0.05 was significant.

 Awareness about anaesthetic techniques for caesarean delivery was 85(78%) but 31 (37%) were adequately informed about the techniques. The preferences of parturient for specific anaesthetic techniques favoured regional anaesthesia (spinal [68.3%], epidural [5%]), compared to general anaesthesia (18.3%). Educational level, previous anaesthetic experience, types of occupation, partner’s level of education among others had likelihood of improving the knowledge and choice of anaesthetic techniques for caesarean delivery among the respondents.  

Conclusion from the study revealed that spinal anaesthesia was preferred for caesarean delivery similar to the global trend due to its perceived safety. Adequate information at antenatal clinic and involvement of anaesthestists may help to improve knowledge and acceptance of anaesthetic techniques by parturient.

Keywords: Knowledge, Attitudes, Pregnant women, Anaesthetic techniques, Caesarean section

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